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A new season is upon us

Since our pantomime in December, we’ve been busy planning a full

fun-packed year of events.  In February, the theatre production directors met to discuss plays and events that would be possible to produce in 2014.  With so many plays to choose from, we often need to look to our existing membership to ensure that we’re able to cast.  We’re now proud to announce that we have some great plays to keep all our theatregoers entertained this year.  We are also pleased that we’ve been the chosen venue this year for the b-side festival, featuring many different cultural shows and presentations.  The Patchwork Theatre Company will be visiting too, with their adaptation of Dumas’ classic novel ‘The Three Musketeers’.  In addition, there are some great evenings of live music.  Not forgetting, our own company plays, for which we are well-known.


Playmakers 2013.jpgPlaymakers’ progress

In addition, our award-winning Playmakers continue to amaze, with their performances of plays and productions to suit all audiences.  Their commitment and dedication is outstanding, and their productions are always well-received by all.  Keep an eye out for details on their Summer play – coming soon.


Theatre accessibility

Some of you may be aware that we’re investigating the possibility of having a stair lift installed at the theatre.  We realise that more people may attend our shows, if only they were able to access the auditorium.   As with all building improvements, these things cost money.  However, we’ve a plan in place to save and generate the relevant funding to pay for this.  Thanks to the continued support of our Patrons, and through additional donations, we have identified ways in which we can achieve a cost effective installation.  We have been visited by one of the country’s leading suppliers in lifts, with whom we are working to achieve installation in the near future.  However, we are still seeking additional funding to contribute to the end cost.  If you know of anyone who may like to contribute, or offer us a contra deal, we’d be pleased to hear from them.


Live projection

In addition to this, we’re also investigating being able to broadcast a live video image of what’s happening on the stage, into our lower hall.  This may be useful for people who aren’t able to negotiate stairs, but still want to come and see a play.  This is subject to licensing requirements for certain events, and is being discussed with our relevant licensing agents.


Loop System

Still on the subject of accessibility, some people still don’t know about our theatre ‘Loop’ system.  We have a fully functioning induction loop for the hearing impaired.  This is designed to allow people with hearing aids, the opportunity to hear what’s happening on the stage, more clearly.  If your hearing aid has been fitted with the ‘T’ switch, then you’ll be able to ‘tune in’ to our loop, and enjoy our plays with greater hearing comfort.  The best seats were historically around the aisles, but the system has been greatly improved over recent years, to allow great coverage, no matter where you sit.


abbysarahsarahshewan01.jpgPlay readings

Our monthly play reading evenings are still going strong.  These are a great opportunity for people to come along and help identify the kind of plays that read well, and help us decide which plays to put forward for consideration to be produced and performed.  For more information on the Wednesday play readings, please contact Elfrida Strom on: 01305 834120.  Don’t be shy, there’s no need. In some ways, it’s a little like a book club.   It’s all good fun, and you’ll be in great company.  Come along and see what it’s all about – free of charge.


We’re recruiting!

The Royal Manor Theatre Company Wednesday Working Party continue to provide an essential service to the theatre.  The company’s team of dedicated volunteers meet weekly, to help prepare sets, decorate and conduct general building repairs, to keep the theatre in working order.  We’re always looking for people to join the team.  The older the building becomes, the more assistance we need in keeping it operational.  We’re able to accommodate pretty much anyone who is simply willing to lend a hand for a couple of hours.  Even if you’re only able to visit once every couple of weeks, you’ll be most welcome.  Simply pop-in, via the side entrance to the theatre, in Belgrave Place.  Or, get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to discuss any skills that you may be willing to offer.  We’re even looking for people just willing to lend a hand with the most basic tasks, from changing light bulbs, to taking out trash.  The fact is, the theatre doesn’t run itself.  So, if you’d like to help, get in touch.


Tickets – get your tickets!

Booking tickets for shows has never been easier!  Some of you may have noticed that many of our show tickets are now being sold via ‘Ticket Source’.  They offer a telephone booking service, where you can actually call and speak to someone, and pay for your tickets over the phone.  In addition, there’s the option to book on-line. 


ts.jpgIf you’re not on the internet, it doesn’t matter!  For our own plays, you can still purchase your tickets with cash at the usual outlets as you always have; Cards and Celebrations in Easton and Danny’s Hardware in Fortuneswell.   Some events which are not our own, may only be available to purchase tickets over the phone, or on-line.  This is because some touring groups are hiring the theatre, and aren’t associated with us, other than through the use of the building.


If you’re booking on-line or over the phone, please be advised that a small card processing fee applies.  That’s a charge that Ticket Source apply, not us. This is common across the country.  There’s not a theatre in the land that doesn’t have a ‘booking fee’ or ‘card processing fee’.   Having said this, if you’re a Patron of the RMT, we’ll absorb that fee for you, meaning you’ll only pay the cost of the tickets, and nothing else!   We provide Patrons with a unique password, enabling them to get their tickets in whichever form they choose, at no extra cost to them.   It goes without saying however, that you can still buy your tickets on the door for most events, but there’s no guarantee there will be any left!  If you’d like more information about tickets for our shows, please do let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.


Wow!  So much to see and do!

So, we may have been quiet for a little while, but we’ve certainly been busy.  There’s a lot happening, and as always, we’ll keep you informed.



Stair Lift Coming Soon


https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRR0Zs3uADuga2JqoNnpI0Oo-6QL_2oUf90upAK5jilGSeIZ2VbWe’re currently investigating the installation of not just one, but two separate stair lifts. 


It’s two flights to reach the auditorium.  Whilst that’s not much for some, for others it’s impossible.  So, we’re doing what we can in order to improve access.  We’ve contacted a local stair lift installer, who have quoted us for the work.  We’re all set with what we need, we just now require the relevant funding.  So, we’re welcoming anyone wishing to make a significant donation, in order to help us achieve the target required.  As there are two separate flights, we need one stair lift for the bottom set of stairs, and another for the top set.  A curved installation would be impossible, due to the amount of foot space it would occupy, not to mention the increased cost. 


So, if you know anyone who’d like to sponsor us for the installation of this facility, we’d love to hear from you.  In return, we can offer the opportunity to display your branding or relevant signage, as well as provide advertising opportunities within the theatre.





We’ve built a bar!

Working Party.jpg

For your refreshment, our dedicated working party team, have constructed a bar in the lower hall.


This will serve you better than the previously used prop-up tables.  In addition, it has helped enable us to store the refreshments more easily than before, and allows us to stock a wider range, which permits us to serve you better.  Check out the range of beers, wines and spirits in stock.  You may be pleasantly surprised.









Watch us on-line!



We’re delighted to announce that we have opened our very own YouTube channel.  This will feature both audio and video, which is captured at the theatre from various events.  For obvious reasons, we won’t be able to upload plays.  However, we do plan to upload snapshots, and samples of productions, which will allow you to see what we’re all about.  Meanwhile, the channel is being populated with the material that we do currently have in stock, and you’re welcome to submit your own. 


If you have, or know anyone who has audio or video recordings of anything that has happened at the theatre, we invite you to share it, for others to enjoy.   If it’s possible, we’d like to host it, on our very own channel.  We’re also inviting people to come to the theatre and film the parts of the building that most people wouldn’t usually expect to see.  For example, our theatre covers several floors of rooms, halls and working areas, which continue to fascinate all those who visit.  We’d like to extend our welcome to people who can’t access the theatre as easily as they’d like, in the hope that they’ll support us wherever they are.


If you’d like to see our channel, and check out our exciting videos, please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/royalmanortheatre/videos




Playmakers perform at the Pavilion

Jubliee Gala Performance 2nd June at Weymouth Pavilion Weymouth Picture 1



The Royal Manor Theatre Company’s Playmakers performed at Weymouth Pavilion, in a 2012 Jubilee Gala performance. 


They were invited to perform, and enter the event, to show the local area what they could do.  The event was well received, and also helped to raise awareness of the Playmakers existence.  A fun time was had by all.


We’re really proud of our Playmakers.   They’re our future acting strength.  Why not find out more about our Playmakers, by clicking the menu link on the left, entitled ‘The Playmakers’.








We Want You Back



Our 'We Want You Back' campaign began in 2011.  It continues to be a successful way of bringing back members to the theatre, who haven’t been involved for some time.  If you've been a member of the company before, but have sadly lost contact, we'd like to hear from you. Perhaps you acted on our stage, or produced one of our plays? Maybe you'd like to do so again, but haven't had the time, we'd like to have you join us again for some great plays that we have lined up! 


We’ve lpts to do, especially for those who don’t think acting is for them.  Get in contact with us to find out more.






We’ve had a facelift!



For those of you who have visited us many times before, you’ll be only too aware that the colour pink has had its day!  The entire lower section of our building has had a complete re-paint.  This includes the lower hall, main foyer, customer toilets, and much more.   All this is being done, to provide a fresh new look and feel to the Royal Manor Theatre, thus helping it enter the 21st century.  


However we couldn’t have done this work without your support.  We’d also like to thank the kind support of ‘Community Payback’ for the labour. 


We’ve also much more planned, so be sure to visit us soon to see what you think.





Who you gonna call?


RMTCBuilding.jpgParanormal investigators continue to visit to the Royal Manor Theatre, to see if they can find anything unusual happening in our theatre.  Naturally, their investigations had to be undertaken at night.  So, we give them unrestricted access to all areas of the theatre. 


Then, whilst everyone else lay in their beds, the investigators undertake their research.  Using the very latest technology, they are able to see if there is any sign of paranormal activity.  Their findings are very exciting, and you’re invited to see them here - www.paranormalexploration.tv









The Play Reading Group


For more information on the Wednesday play readings, please contact Elfrida Strom on: 834120.

Don’t be shy, there’s no need.  It’s all good fun, and you’ll be in great company.  Play readings are great fun, and are a real way to decide what we can perform next!





Wednesday Workshop

The Workshop Working Party is in the theatre every Wednesday afternoon from 1.00pm to 4.00pm to maintain the theatre, build sets, look after the wardrobe and all the other things that have to be done to keep the theatre going. We are always in need of people who have done or helped someone with DIY (big or small jobs) or many of the things that are needed to keep every household going with a hammer, paintbrush or needle and thread. Just come along.